Insty Family Values

You’re a fellow entrepreneur, so we treat you like family. And like all good families, we share values.

Keep It Simple:

We will always make your life online as simple and enjoyable as possible. We’ll put all your most essential web tools under the one roof, and where possible we’ll make them one-click simple.

That’s why you’ve already got:

Insty Mailer, a built in email platform worth thousands per year, free.

Insty Forms, built in lead capture software that’ll save you hundreds each year, free.

Insty.wordpress, premium Wordpress hosting with features no other host can match.

Insty.sites built in software that’ll create amazing sites for you in minutes.

And the incredible—industry first—Insty App that’ll put all these tools, your hosting and a complete marketing suite on your desktop, 100% free!

Be Dependable:

As a Insty Member, you’ll be looked after day and night, no matter how big or small your problem. That’s not empty rhetoric. We’ve the reviews to prove it… Even Nick, our trusty Founder, CEO and ‘Head of the Family’ regularly works the support channels producing personalized support videos for our members.

Keep It Clean:

There’s no skeletons in the Insty Family closet. We use the best the best tech available, and we constantly monitor it to maintain, fast, clean, secure servers for all our members.

Family First:

We are constantly working on how best to improve the Insty service with the people it affects most. You. So every upgrade is rolled out for our members first. And if there is something you want to see added. You only need to ask. If we can do it. We will.

The Insty Guarantee

14 Days Of Insty For $1. Cancel Anytime. Free Website Transfers.

We think you’ll agree the Insty guarantee is one of the best you’ll see in the industry.

We’ll even take care of your transfers in that time, and help you with ANYTHING you need, so you can experience how much easier, happier and smoother life is as an Insty family member.

And when you consider you can be up and running in a matter of hours (or sooner), you’ve really got nothing to lose.

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