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So Easy You Can Collect A New Lead
In 3 Short-Steps


Select from a regularly updated library of beautiful, industry-leading lead capture forms


Choose which list you want new subscribers to be added to from a handy drop down menu


That’s it. You’re now ready to capture leads and fully integrated from website to email software and back!

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Then Ever Before

Customer Friendly Forms Instant Integration Pre-Loaded

People are happier to add an email to a capture form today than they’ve ever been, but that doesn’t mean we shouldn’t make the process pleasant for them.

And because Insty Forms links with the world class Amazon SES system we ensure your customers only get the very best experience.

Insty Forms work effortlessly with Insty Mailer. No complicated code needed – just enter your domain and integration is automatic. Insty Forms are preloaded into every Insty Site so you can have a new site, up and ready to collect leads… within minutes.
The Best Forms— Always! 100% Wordpress Compatible Free And Exclusive To Insty Members
We add the best new forms to our central servers all the time…There’s nothing for you to do… they just appear in your library ‘like magic’ the instant they become available. Insty Forms are 100% Wordpress compatible, and that includes thousands of third-party themes, so you can be sure that they’ll work for your existing sites too. Insty Forms is a unique tool, only available to Insty Members. It’s been designed specifically on your feedback, to make the ENTIRE Insty experience as easy, fast and enjoyable as possible.


Yes. If you use Insty Sites then Insty Forms are already installed. All you have to be ready to start collecting leads is select the form you want from the library, and then choose the list you want new leads added to. That’s it! If you’re using your own site, you can download it as a Wordpress plugin.
Most lead-capture forms are made by different people to the ones who make the e-mail autoresponders. And that didn’t seem very smart. Because everything at Insty is under one roof, we’ve been able to make Insty Forms integrate perfectly with Insty Mailer, so it all… ‘just works’.
Yes. It’s as easy as installing a plugin, after that it’s just like you’re using an Insty site.
The best thing about Insty Forms is that it’s part of the Insty platform. So if you ever get stuck, we’ve got a support team who are specifically trained “in everything Insty” ready and waiting to dive in and solve your problems for you. (Plus there is a huge knowledge base, often with video walkthroughs)
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