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Email marketing is essential to any online business. But it’s expensive, time-consuming to set up and notoriously complicated to use…

At Insty we know this - that's why we've created a powerfully simple email marketing system and integrated it seamlessly into your hosting account.

So you can keep in touch with customers and clients, send special offers to thousands of people in a single click, and generate fresh leads for your business… all without a separate service and no complicated setup process.


Stay In Touch

Daily life has too much distraction and your customers are constantly bombarded with demand for their attention. But a simple email, can keep you firmly in your customers’ mind.

Repeat Customers

Got a new product? It’s a lot easier and a lot cheaper to tell your existing customers about it with a quick email, than it is to run an ad campaign designed to convince a stranger to buy.

Keep Up To Date

Fans, clients, customers, and prospects can be quickly brought up to speed with you, your business and any important news you might have with a regular newsletter.

Only Speak To People Who Care

It’s true, not everyone will want to read your emails. But with smart list segmentation you can choose who receives your emails and who doesn’t. Making sure, your news is always well received.

Fast, Effective Delivery

The Insty Mailer uses Amazon SES, so it’s backed by one of the most powerful delivery systems going, with market-leading in-box rates.

Just enter the details of your Amazon SES account (don’t worry if you don’t have one, you can sign up for free) and everything will be set up for you.

Technology so advanced, you’ll think it’s magic.

How It Works

Set Up

Follow our simple step-by-step guide and you’ll set up in minutes.


Choose a template and create your email. Creating your first email campaign is like sending a regular email to 30,000 friends.


Press send. Congratulations – your message just got sent to everyone on your e-mail list… and pretty soon the orders will be coming in..

Our Favorite Parts

Full Powered Email System In One Place

No extra subscriptions, No extra passwords, No extra hassle. You’ve got a full powered email platform, as part of your Insty account.

The Simplest Integrations Ever

You’re getting a ridiculously user friendly service that syncs like a dream with Wordpress, HTML, and of course the brand new Insty Forms.

Save Thousands Of Dollars Every Year

There’s no additional fees for Insty Mailer. It’s just $0.10 per thousand e-mails sent, just like you’d get with Amazon themselves… and a lot more user-friendly to boot.

Broadcast Messages

Send a message to every lead you’ve collected (or just the ones you want) at the push of a button.

Detailed Analytics

See exactly how your e-mails are being received – track opens, clicks and more.

Easy Set Up

Choose from a selection of incredible templates for all occasions or create your own. We’ve made creating emails, newsletters and engagement with your audience as simple and enjoyable as humanly possible.

Powered By Amazon SES

When you use Insty Mailer you are linking up with the world class power and respectability of Amazon. That means maximum deliverability, instant whitelisting. Even SPAM complaints and bounces are dealt with FOR you.

Updated Editor

Choose from a selection of incredible templates for all occasions or create your own. We’ve made creating emails, newsletters and engagement with your audience as simple and enjoyable as humanly possible.

Automatic Campaigns

Set up a whole series of messages in advance so that when someone signs up to your website, they get to know your business and your best offers… with no effort from you.

How is this possible?

As part of your account, we include our self-hosted Instymailer Email marketing software.

Self-hosted means that you control the software. You control how your newsletters look. You control if you want single or double opt-ins. You control if and when you want to import your lists of leads.

We then hook your mailer up to a fantastic technology - Amazon SES. Since we have a great relationship with Amazon, you can send 2,000 emails per day with no charge whatsoever. If you need to send any more than this, you surely can - at a ridiculously low price of just 10c per 1000 emails after the 2k/day. So, if you want to send out 3,000 emails, it will only cost you 10c.

And because it's built on Amazon's SES system, you're automatically white-listed by all the big e-mail providers, so your deliverability rates are through the roof. Not to mention the bounces and any spam complaints are dealt with for you.

And UNIQUE to, you don't even have to worry about the setup. All you need to do is get an Amazon SES account and set a couple of options. It's super easy and we walk you through step by step.

More Superb Insty Mailer Features

No-confirm contact import—add contacts or transfer them from another email provider without needing them to reconfirm their opt in.

Seamless Insty Forms Integration.

Easy list segmenting: include and exclude subscribers, move contacts between lists.

Monitor metrics in dedicated dashboard.

Create campaigns, auto-responders, welcome & good bye emails, thank you for subscribing emails and more…

Choose single or double opt in.

One click sign in.

Access from the Insty App

Sync directly with your website for easy opt in creation.

100% HTML compliant

World class support from the Insty team.

Work in plain text, HTML or use the fully featured WYSIWYG editor


Good question! Insty Mailer has a fully-featured autoresponder that lets you create a list of messages to be delivered to your email subscribers to be sent at set times. But that’s not all.

Insty Mailer also allows you to send one off email ‘blasts’ or newsletters at a moment’s notice. So, whether you're delivering company news, sales material, coaching, or a follow-up sequence you can have everything sent to all new subscribers, in order and on autopilot.

Yes. Most certainly. In fact, it’s commonly accepted that adding email marketing to your business strategy can be the single biggest point of leverage and profit. The reason is simple. Once you have a customer’s email, you have the ability to speak with them directly. You can sell to them. You can ask them what THEY WANT. You can give freebies. You can be constantly be building brand awareness and engagement in a way that no other form of communication can.

You’re not alone! But you often don’t need to sell with email. It can be enough to offer advice and leave a link back to your website. Or you can hire someone to do the selling for you. If you have a blog, you can send a snippet of your latest post, and ask people to keep reading back on your blog. The possibilities and profit potential of email marketing is endless. And as a business you cannot ignore it.

Yes, if you send them emails unsolicited. However, by first asking people to opt in, and then ensuring your emails are on a subject of interest to them, you can be confident that the majority of your subscribers will be happy to receive your emails. That said, Insty Mailer makes it easy for you to add unsubscribe links to your emails, and Amazon SES does the rest for you. Including monitoring any complaints.

Yes, the Insty Mailer system is fully HTML compliant, and is compatible with thousands of themes, plugins and services. If you have a theme or opt-in form that you like, chances are you'll have no trouble using them with the Insty Mailer. We can also help you integrate your Insty Mailer to any service that you need - like Paypal, and other e-marketplaces. Just ask and we'll be glad to work with you!

Yes, because you are running on the incredible Amazon SES you benefit from a “no-confirm contact import,” that just means you can import your contacts from anywhere with no restrictions, and no need for them to confirm again unless you want them to.

The mailer uses Amazon's cloud technology to send emails, which simply blows the other services out of the water when it comes to getting your mail in the inbox. And because it's built on Amazon's SES system, you're automatically white-listed by all the big email providers, so your deliverability rates are through the roof. Not to mention the bounces and any spam complaints are dealt with for you. You get all this, while saving hundreds of dollars per month.

Don't be fooled by those 'other' services that have cheap introductory pricing. As soon as you get more than 500 followers (which will happen VERY quickly), they boost their prices up exponentially. With the Insty Mailer, you pay a super-small fee (10c per 1000 emails) to Amazon only when you send email. So you only pay for what you use. Never again will you have to pay huge monthly fees - hit the inbox for just pennies!

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