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"I am finally seeing people create the beautiful website they have pictured in their mind. I am very proud of what we created."

- Nick Jolin, Founder, CEO

Not everyone is a techy or a designer.

We opened the doors here at Insty in 2013, and we have had the privilege to work with thousands of people, helping them create, maintain and profit from the web.

People of all skill levels have darkened the doorway of our technology, and we have seen websites of all shapes and sizes.  

We have also worked with many customers who have struggled with 'normal hosting accounts', never gaining any traction on their ideas and plans.

That's why we set out to create a brand new system, one that could adapt to a standard hosting platform - to give our customers the flexibility of 'normal hosting', with the power to create something beautiful they could call their own.

The secret to our system. (Shh, don't tell anyone :)

Our secret - We do some of the work!

We researched common, successful website layouts, and created pieces for you to use.

It's awesome, and don't worry, we won't tell anyone either :)

We have a technology called 'stacking', where we pre-design blocks of a website.  You then choose from a list of blocks and drag it into the page.

The result is a website that can literally be made in seconds.

Then, you switch to Element mode and customize to your hearts content.

A system that is filled with time saving, and money making tools

We've asked our customers how they want to use their website. They answered.

Most people create a website to share their knowledge with the world.  We help them make money while doing it.

Insty.pages includes awesome Amazon affiliate tools, so you can create custom affiliate links and use all the data that Amazon has available to help you sell better!


Let's sum it up.

We'll use OUR technology and support to help YOU build a better site that will accomplish exactly what you want your site to do.

Build Better.

Build Better.

Get in the know!

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