Our hosting is unique. Perfectly tailored for your success.

We do it differently than everyone else.

It may be a bit technical, but trust me, it's good!

We use standard cPanel.

This is GREAT for you. 

Everyone else: those 'full-website builder guys' use their own proprietary website hosting system, which means that YOUR STUCK.

You can't add anything else to your account (like Wordpress) or you can't retrieve your website if you leave.

We built Insty on top of standard cPanel, which means that you have full control.

  • You can access the files if you want to
  • You can have and create unlimited email accounts
  • You can use custom PHP scripts.
  • You can install Wordpress, Joomla, Prestashop, and many other softwares
  • You can use just about any WP Plugin and theme that you want!

Some technical details regarding our unique hosting.

  • WHM panel. Each of your domains is housed in it's own cPanel account.
  • *Unlimited Mysql databases.
  • *Unlimited sub-domains within the cPanel account.
  • *Unlimited email accounts.
  • **Unmetered disk usage

*All non-insty agency plans are for personal and personal business use only.  No third party (friends, family, clients) website creation and hosting is allowed unless in an insty agency plan.
** Please see TOS for the definition of Unmetered.  

How the Insty pages builder works:

Our Insty pages builder creates great websites using drag and drop technology.  When you publish the site, the system transfers HTML (and some PHP) files to your hosting account.

This ensures that your site runs under your domain name. 

Google gives precedence to owned domain names! (not using subdomains of other companies)

Start your site off on the right track with your domain name.

If you don't know what this means, that's OK!

Essentially, it means that you can 'open the hood' when and if you ever want to.

Some people don't care about the tecnical stuff, and we understand this.  That's why we've done our homework and created a 'zen like balance' between easy and full-featured.

Just know this: if you ever have a feeling of 'needing more', chances are that you will be able to do whatever you may be looking into, right inside your Insty account.

  • Free, insty.wordpress installer.  We actually help you install WP and choose from many beautiful, premium themes to help you start.
  • Free application installer.  We use Softaculous app installer that has thousands of web applications to choose from, and install them wherever you like!
  • Wordpress Management Tools - easily backup, restore and setup auto updates for your WP installs, right from the Insty client area!

Plans that fit and put the focus on YOU.

We don't offer free plans, because let's be honest - those 'free' plans are just a giant ad.

If you want to work really hard and have your website be an ad for insty, let us know - we'll hire you :)

Otherwise, I think you came here to get a professional website, right?

Don't settle.  Get a website branded with your domain name from the start.

We can set you up with a domain right away, or even use a domain you purchased from anywhere.

Let's sum it up.

We'll use OUR technology and support to help YOU build a better site that will accomplish exactly what you want your site to do.

Build Better.

Build Better.

Get in the know!

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